Vicious summer continued…

I thought the heat wave won’t last very long, I was wrong, just last week, it was declared that the weather would be the hottest it has ever been. Reaching 38 degree Celsius in some areas. As I was not free to go back to my hometown these past few weeks, our cacti and succulents took some damaged.

Our new super kabuto got affected the most, you can see that one side of it is severely shrunken. As it is still small it can’t hole a lot of water, we watered it and it pop right back up the next day! IMG-20160318-WA0013

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Sick Succulents

Since the summer heat arrived, most of my cactus and succulents are struggling to adapt. Some that can’t adapt are either sun burnt or severely dehydrated, check out my post on that: Vicious summer. I like to share with you some sick cactus of mine.

This poor Astrophytum got severe root mealybugs infection and dehydration, a good wash of the root and a new potting mix of more granite seems to help with its recovery.


Few weeks later it started to look good, we missed the bloom of its second flower though 😦 Continue reading

Successful leaf propagation

Sorry for the long absence, I’ve been very busy on my studies, solving wave functions of Quantum Mechanics everyday! I’m planning to start a new blog guiding high school student on the right path if they are interested in Physics. Back to the main topic, so a few months ago my local cactus seller gave me a leaf of an unknown Echeveria for free!

I potted it into my granite mix, I didn’t thought much about it since the cactus seller said it is hard to grow a leaf since the balance between sunlight and water are hard to find. But after some months it grew fast! The new shoot was attached near to the leaf, but due to the raining season at the time there wasn’t much sunlight, it became etiolated. Good news was there was a second head growing out!

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Vicious summer

It’s finally summer again, summer here in Malaysia means the changing of the wind direction, blowing away any clouds and makes it super hot! This time of the year is where many cacti will get sunburnt. Well except for Mammillaria, they are really hard to burn.

It’s been one week without rain, and the heat waves blasted heavily on our cacti. That’s the normal weather for January and February. But after two weeks, it started to rain everyday again! I guess global warming is really changing the weather patterns.


Echinopsis subdenudata having discolouration.

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Cactus soil for beginners

Ok, here’s a better guide about mixing the right cactus soil. I will take into account of climate too in better understanding soil mixes. All of this information are of my own experience in growing cacti, reading and studying about cacti growing in other country, it may not be too accurate, but I hope it’s a good start for beginners.

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Jan 2016 Cameron Trip part 4

There wasn’t really many cacti at this butterfly farm, but it did have this huge Opuntia flower! haha!


Huge Opuntia flower

Ok let’s move on to the famous Cactus Valley. Although it was a very popular tourist attraction in the past, it had fallen to a more business side. The cacti were not in good maintenance, and they were charging entrance fees.


Bunch of tall Mammillaria, or Oreocereus

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